Caio Andrade

Pizza 4 Fun

To launch their 4 new flavours, Pizza Hut  provided us with 400 pizzas vouchers. 
Ok, cool. But how to distribute 400 pizzas vouchers in a country with over 67 restaurants spread across 13 different states? 
Launching a challenge that gives a chance to all fans of pizza participate regardless of where they are.
A challenge on Facebook, of course. 

Pizza 4 Fun 
400 pizzas, 100 days, each day a different challenge. 
The fans competed for 4 pizzas vouchers daily. The tasks challenged them to answer questions creating original content in the form of videos, photos or text.
A hundred challenges later:
We got 5 times more fans on the page 
Our level of interactions with the page grew by 413% 
With a 400 pizzas we reached more than 5 million people. 
Want a slice?