Valentines card

Valentines card


You may not have noticed as the world is currently imploding but Valentines day is coming up.

A day when all those smug couples tell each other how great they are and Pizza Express fills up with bored couples who probably should’ve split up years ago but they’re staying together because they can’t face the idea of existing in the cold, dark world on their own.

Single people on Valentines day are a bit like homeless people on Christmas day, it’s a day to be reminded what you don’t have.

This year I’m offering a service of Valentines cards specifically for single people.

If nobody else is gonna treat you, fuck it, you may as well treat yourself.

Each Valentines card is a bespoke piece of hand drawn art, signed and created (with love) by Mr Bingo.

You also have 3 categories to choose from:

1. Romantic

2. Creepy

3. Filthy

Make sure you click on the desired word (above the 'add to cart' button) before you checkout.

Please respect the rules, these are available for single people only.

If you’re in a relationship, I’m afraid you’re not eligible for this product, unless you dump your partner before ordering (and I will need to see physical evidence of this to evaluate your case).

This is a strictly limited, time critical product, only available for 10 days, then it disappears!

All UK Valentines cards will be posted on Friday 10th Feb.

I can accept orders from overseas but I can’t guarantee delivery for Valentines day I’m afraid, sorry!

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